Game guide Swinefighter

Game guide Swinefighter

Game guide Swinefighter

In the network there has appeared a game Swine influenza.

Certainly the flu has appeared only recently, and only therefore the game is small; it is a flash game. In the game you are a doctor with huge syringe you need to destroy as much pig heads of green coulour as possible.

These heads fly over earth card. You receive points for each destroyed head. On a site it is written that game extends through service “heyzap”.

Game Swinefighter

Game Swinefighter

This service helps bloggers and owners of sites to attract audience by games. Earlier on this site there was a game Chicken flu and also games about Bird Flu – Exterminating and Bird Flu Vaccinating.

In general the Swine Influenza has filled Internet. Probably, in the near future developers of games will create more advanced game on motives of Swine Influenza.

But I advise to them to keep algorithm of game, and next year when we are attacked by the cow or camel flu simply to replace the head of a pig with a head of a bull or a camel.

All this sensation with the flu has bothered me to death already. Can you imagine now it is possible to subscribe on SMS messages and to receive hourly the latest news about the Swine influenza directly on a mobile phone.

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As it says on the packaging this microphone is truly out of this world.

> 25mm diaphragm condenser
> 16-bit, 44.1/48kHz resolution
> Fold back legs
> Stereo 1/8 inch headphone jack
> Headphone volume control
> Mute Switch
> Includes carry pouch




As the Samson Meteor Mic is one of the highest end microphones I have held and used personally, I really have nothing to compare it to except people using similar or even higher end microphones on the internet.

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In comparison to people like Pewdiepie and other professional YouTubers, it sounds very similar.

Comparing the specs against the very popular Snowball Mic by Blue Microphones they are practically the exact same.

The snowball mic being sold for 120$-500$ is not worth it seeing that the meteor mic is only 50$-150$. I find it hard to write over 1 paragraph on this product as it is so simple that if you are looking for a microphone you need this one!

STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT Star Wars Battlefront is the newest game in the star wars franchise coming just before the new movie to be released in cinemas on December 18.

As all star wars games like this it is an FPS with a twist, the use of the force is used whilst shooting lasers and dropping deadly bombs from super fast planes and giant robots. In the game we have the Rebels and the Republicans who are against each other in a less realistic version of battlefield with lasers.



As you can see from this image EA have produced some really good graphics but made it have a fanatical look at the same time, but its Battlefronts sound design that truly pulls you in.

The ambient wildlife surrounds you and explosions carry through the walls. The only problem I had with the soundtrack was it was very repetitive and needed to be turned off or down most of the time.



Vehicle combat  WOW!

X-Wings, snowspeeders, TIE Interceptors and the Millennium Falcon all feel great, with amzing controls, but they dont always play a huge part in combat.

Most airborne vehicles fly very fast meaning that you can fly across smaller maps very fast, almost instantly.

On the otherhand, snowspeeders are essential in Walker Assault, as their tow cables can bring down the four-legged behemoths if used right. AT-STs can also turn the tide at crucial capture points across larger maps. I wish more vehicles followed suit.

Every map looks amazing, but they lack focused design. Endors undergrowth lends cosmetic appeal, but not much cover. Hoths barren fields impart a sense of distance, but few creative sight lines.

But Battlefront doesnt go much deeper than its ambitious surface appeal. It front loads its best content, only to fade in quality as the hours roll by.

Star Wars Battlefronts skin is beautiful, but its legs are shaking, and threaten to buckle with time.

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