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  1. I am sure that all know, and at least once played the game Tetris.

    Only very few people know that it was invented by Russian programmer Alexey Pazhitnov in 1985.

    Although the game is very old it is still popular even after 25 years.

    Agree that even now we can sit for hours putting blocks.

  2. There are many versions of this game. But the essence is always the same – to combine blocks without spaces.

    And, as soon as they have been combined the lines disappear from the screen. In childhood I thought that game has a logic end and I wanted to fill with the combined blocks the screen completely.

    The Tetris is issued by the different companies, but they often use Russian music may be its a kind of tribute to the Russian inventor.

    I remember at Institute we made a championship in Tetris – who will get more points.

    I sat till morning and could not stop, of course, my works did not remain without attention and I became the champion in playing Tetris.

    Now very often it is possible to see on the TV as from a many-storied house there appears something like Tetris.

    Teenagers switch on light in windows in a certain order, thus, there is an illusion that blocks go down on a many-storied building.

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